Everyday is Chill Out Day

Hong Kong people are living in a terribly fast speed world, why don't us keep a relax way to look around those beaitiful things? Therefore living in a chill out way is one of my fantasy. thats the main theme of my works too. I love to draw, and i love to make accessories, vintage watches are my favourite elements to create some classy look jewelries. When i saw those vintage stuffs, i always think that i met them before! Those emotions are the muse for me to make the design. Sometimes i think myself a Magician, what i hv done is always out of my expectations.

The Coma Kingdom

"Vogue means Unpleasant!"-----Having worked in the fashion industry for almost ten years, The Coma Kingdom has her own interpretation of “Black” on music, film or fashion. People always has misunderstanding on black that denotes a negative feeling, but to me, facing the dark, to some extent is a proof of self-existence. My design uses black to express the power of life which is the the key element of my creation. Also, I love to employ mysterious or monstrous creatures in the accessories, I am so eager to see the reaction of others when seeing those pieces, that’s the main dynamic behind my design.

The Coma Kingdom is now doing some experimental handworks. She hates factory-made similar stuffs.  "I like raw accessories with un-fine finishing.  Its a good timing for us to think about our own handcraft! Perfect is not my cup of tea."